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The wide range can be somewhat intimidating; check out our general tips on choosing the right wood species for your next project here.

Shapes and options
Easily order material in the shape that you need. All you have to do is focus on assembly and finishing. Read all about the possible shapes here!
Available finishes
Opt for perfection and have your edges finished. How would you like your edges finished? With mitred, rounded or bevelled edges? Read all about the finish options here!
Order sample
We understand completely that you first want to feel the material and assess the structure. Keep clicking to read all about ordering a sample!
Own reference
Provide better overview during the project by labelling your individual sheets. Click here to read more about adding your own reference.
Minimum and maximum dimensions
Order wood and wooden sheets in the desired dimensions. Read all about the minimum and maximum sheet sizes here!
Product or option not available
Do you have a question about our possibilities or our current stock? We supply a lot, but not everything. Read here if we can help you with your search.