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Available finishes

Let us finish your material with, for example, a mitred, rounded or bevelled edge. This allows you to make seamless connections, or deepen or thicken your corners. In no time at all, you can create a table top or window sill that looks solid and has a sleek finish. This guarantees a brilliant end result which is difficult to achieve yourself!

Are you curious about all the finishes we can provide? See all possible finishes below. Questions about finishes? Then take a look at our frequently asked questions.

ABS tape ABS tape

ABS tape is a plastic layer of 1 or 2 mm thick with which you can neatly finish the ends of sheet material. In principle, this layer does not need to be treated.

Rounding off Rounding off

To avoid sharp edges, we can round off the edges of the board or plank. Simply choose which side you want rounded off and with which radius. This ensures a nice finish.

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Bevelling Bevelling

For a sleek, modern finish, you can also choose to have the edges bevelled. You can choose the bevelling depth and the edges to which it will be applied. Bevelled edges provide less sharp edges and a tighter, finished look.

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Mitre Mitre

Miter cutting makes for nicer, hidden joints. With mitre cutting, an angled joint angle is neatly divided into two. No perpendicular boards, but nice and tight corners. Where DIY stores only saw "straightforward", we can cut them tightly in mitre.

To guarantee tight mitred corners, we only cut certain thicknesses of MDF with a mitre. Filter by mitre via the category page to find out which thicknesses we cut mitre.

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