Our sawing service now even faster and more efficient than before

Thank you for your previous order(s) with our online sawing service. It may take some getting used to if you have used our sawing service before. We have set up this page to take you through the changes we have made to our webshop. We will still help you cut your board material to size, only slightly differently than we did before.

What does this mean for you in the short term?

You can still easily order your saw list via our webshop. However, you take at least ¼ (or a multiple thereof) of a whole board. For some dimensions, this may be less favourable, for others cheaper. Because we have less sawing loss, we can give this back through a price reduction. The m² prices of the most popular board materials have already been reduced.

What can you expect from us in the long term?

Now that we process and store fewer residual pieces, we literally have more space free in our company. And more production capacity. This has a number of advantages, including:

  1. We have space for more machines. This allows us to introduce new shapes and finishes such as drill and dowel holes, hinge bores, grooves and cut-outs and, for example, organic shapes.
  2. We prefer not to make mistakes, but even with 100% customization, we sometimes slip up. By further improving our own software, we reduce the risk of this happening. The aim is to make all steps in the production process digitally transparent. And give you, the customer, more opportunities to adjust your order.

In this way, we make realizing your project much easier, more efficient and more comprehensive. Do you have ideas to expand our service or capabilities even further? Share them with us!

Continuously evolving

Since our launch, we have offered the possibility of ordering 100+ sheet materials completely made-to-measure, per m², online. You simply specify the dimensions, regardless of size or grain direction. Even though we have created our own residual parts database, use dozens of residual parts per production batch and store thousands of residual parts, this approach turns out not to be sustainable (enough). This has a huge impact on our waste stream and efficiency. 

We also expanded our range in mid-2022 to include many new wood species. We offer this range sawn to size, only you need to purchase at least a whole board. The positive response (and the number of orders) to this has surprised us enormously. 

Because no (sawing) time is lost in processing leftover pieces, we can offer a lower m² price. The price/order ratio therefore improves. This made us decide to offer our stock range per part of a sheet (or multiple of it). In this way, we create space to process orders more efficiently, reduce waste and market our range better in terms of price. 

Wondering what this change means for your job? Enter the items you need for your next job, and we will show you how we cut your board to size:

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