Bespoke light boxes/gapets for showroom, by IXINA TURNHOUT

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As a customer of OPMAATZAGEN.NL we are very satisfied with the delivered goods, for our totally renovated showroom of our kitchen shop we have ordered cut-to-size and painted plates to make gaps, these are containers to store lights and hoods in the showroom. to hang, a kind of suspended suspended ceiling.

Renovate showroom with MDF

See pictures. the work went very smoothly because everything was delivered on time as ordered. Because everything was cut to size AND sawn out on time, it was very easy to assemble and hang up and we were able to continue working smoothly. Thank you in advance for your good service, and the result is impressive, all our customers think our showroom is very beautiful. partly due to the recently finished suspended ceilings made with material from you from “” thank you from IXINA TURNHOUT Belgium (Kemp-IX)

The dimensions of the project

various sizes from 1m x 2.5m and 15.0cm height, up to 2 meter x 3 meter and 15.0cm height

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