Make a wall cupboard for the storage room

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My storage room was quite a mess and I was looking for a way to solve it. At the same time, I needed storage space for the lounge set cushions, so I came up with the idea of making a wall cupboard. I needed a lot of wood and to miter all that myself would be a terrible job and never really look good, because I don't have the materials for that. After some googling I ended up at In the beginning I was hesitant because of course you have to make sure that all sizes are correct, but the end result is there! Everything is very well cut to size, accurate to the millimeter! I could never have cut the miter so sharply and well myself. All in all, I am very positive and I have no negative points about It saved me a lot of work!

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We have further developed the STULPR subject boxes concept to a faster and cheaper compartment cabinet line: TOSIZE Furniture.

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