TV cabinet with cove, with a children's desk

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The end result is a TV wall unit. The background of the TV is tiled with brick slips. Next to the TV a cove has been made with recessed spotlights, including a built-in fireplace (OptyMist). The bottom of the furniture consists of 2 cupboards and a separate leg. The doors of the cabinets can be pushed open. On the left side of the cupboard, the sheet continues a bit further, so that the children can sit here to play or do crafts.

How did you create your project?

I started by making the frames of the lower cabinets, the leg on the end and the soffit with spruce beams. Then I attached the cut-to-size parts of This gives the cabinets a reasonably smooth assembly. I have had the corners mitered, so that the largest part fits nicely seamlessly.

The cabinets were then further prepared with openings for cables and processing of electricity. I ordered 2 large pine wood tops from, and a number of loose panels (for the doors and the shelf). I attached the 2 long planks together, so that 1 plank of 450.0 cm is created. I measured the doors a little too ambitiously, so I manually sawed a bit more to fit them nicely. Which I first incorporated into the frame.

I filled all screw holes and seams on the MDF with an MDF filler. Then everything was sanded smooth and cleaned so that it is free of grease and dust and then the painting work started. I treated all the pine wood once with a bark-colored stain. The MDF had to be concrete look, so I first provided with a primer and then finished with a base coat of concrete look paint from Moodpaints and then another layer with brush and cloth to get the concrete look effects (tip: Moodpaints on the wall are processed with a spatula , on the MDF it still easily pulls the paint off, so wiped with a cloth and dipped to get a nice effect).

In the meantime, we also provided the part behind the wall with nails, so that the cabinet could be assembled. So all parts are well placed, with some screws attached to the wall and the top from the bottom of the cabinets fixed with screws. Immediately cut some openings for cables that run from the TV to the cabinet and then I also measured and sawn out the fireplace. When the cupboard was erected, the rags behind the TV covered with plasterboard (9.5 mm), treated with primer and tiled the brick slips the next day.

The only thing missing in the photos are the TV and equipment :-), a plinth and for behind the fireplace I ordered a custom-opaque black plexiglass, to hide the cables and to get a nice effect of the flames.

All in all, a weekend or 3 jobs and the necessary evenings painting. But I am very happy with the result!

What are the measurements?

The entire project is 50.0 cm deep and 450.0 cm wide. The whole runs to the ceiling (244.5 cm).

How next?

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