My VAT number is not recognised, what can I do?

That's annoying! We are happy to help you further.

  1. Please check if you have a typing error that causes our payment system not to recognise your VAT identification number.
  2. Remove any full stops, commas and spaces. 
  3. Place an order in the country where your company is registered. We can only validate VAT numbers when we actually operate in the country where you have established your business. Check here which countries we operate in.

After checking the above points, does it still go wrong? Then something may have gone wrong during validation. We make a request to a third party to check whether your VAT number is valid. Very occasionally, this way of working needs a second try. Remove the VAT number and enter the VAT number again.

Does that not work either? If our payment system does not recognise your VAT number, we unfortunately cannot currently make VAT-free deliveries via the webshop. 

Please contact us via contact form or via chat on weekdays. We will then look for a solution together!