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Shapes and options

We can saw or mill the shapes below to size, and we also have the following finishing options. The sheet material configurator includes all possible options specifically for each material. Is the desired shape or finish not shown in the configurator? Then we cannot produce it.

View all the standard shapes we can realize here:

Rectangle Rectangle

A rectangle has two lengths of the same size and two widths of the same size. In the ordering process, you indicate the length and width dimensions.

Square Square

A square has four equal sides. Therefore, you only specify one size in the ordering process.

Circle Circle

Have you ever cut a circle yourself? Then you probably did this with the help of a hole in the middle. Order from us and receive your circle completely undamaged, without a hole in the middle! In the ordering process you can specify what the diameter should be. The diameter is the full width of the circle. Do not confuse this with the radius, the radius is measured from the centre to the outside edge and is always exactly half the diameter.

Triangle Triangle

When ordering a triangle, you indicate the height and the length of the base, split into length 1 and length 2. Length 1 indicates the size of the base, up to the point where the triangle reaches its highest point. Length 2 measures from that point to the right corner.

Semicircle Semicircle

If we can saw circles, then of course we can also saw semicircles. Just as with the full circle, you indicate the size of the diameter in the ordering process. This will then be the size of the straight side of the circle.

Rectangle with bevelled long side Rectangle with bevelled long side

A rectangle with a bevelled edge has only two straight corners. To order these, fill in three dimensions in the ordering process: the long side of the sheet is the base of the rectangle. Short side 1 and short side 2 are different here.

Rectangle with bevelled short side Rectangle with bevelled short side

A rectangle with a bevelled edge has only two straight corners. To order these, fill in three dimensions in the ordering process: the short side is the base of the rectangle. Long side 1 and long side 2 are different here.

Oval Oval

If you want to have sheet material cut into the shape of an oval, all you have to do is specify the desired length and width of the sheet, we will calculate the rest for you. Have you chosen wooden sheets with a grain? Then this grain will always run in the direction of the entered length.

Rectangular Triangle Rectangular Triangle

A rectangular triangle has one straight-angled corner (45 degrees). In the ordering process, you indicate the size of the long side of the straight angle, we call this the base. The height indicates the size of the other side of the right angle.

Symmetrical Triangle Symmetrical Triangle

A symmetrical triangle consists of 3 sides of the same size. Therefore, in the ordering process, you indicate the size of the base and the size of the height.

Trapezium Trapezium

A trapezium is longer at one length than at the opposite length. In the ordering process, you indicate the size of these two lengths, plus the width.

Parallelogram Parallelogram

A parallelogram is a quadrangle, but without straight corners. The two opposite sides are parallel to each other. To indicate the size of the parallelogram in the ordering process, we need 3 sizes. Length 1 indicates the length whose angle ‘overhangs’ to the base of the parallelogram. Length 2 is the size of the base and the width indicates the size of height.

Rectangle with bevelled corner(s) Rectangle with bevelled corner(s)

This unique rectangle will help you tidy up the cables of your desk. Or it can easily be used to create a corner office. You enter the length and width via the configurator and indicate for each corner whether you want it to be bevelled and if so, what depth that should be. In this way, you can make your shape truly unique.

Rectangle with rounded corner(s) Rectangle with rounded corner(s)

Besides a normal rectangle, you can also order a rectangle with rounded corners! You specify the desired radius per corner. The choice between 1, 2, 3 or 4 rounded corners is yours. This way you give your shelf, decorative piece or worktop just that little bit extra!

Flat oval Flat oval

A flat oval is a rectangle with completely rounded corners. This shape is ideal when you want to make your own table. The rounded corners give it space, but it also creates a cosy atmosphere. If you have ever milled a circle yourself, you know that rounding off the corners is a difficult job. Not to worry! We make sure you get clean, neatly milled edges.

Choose your favourite wood type in our webshop and use the configurator to easily enter the desired outer dimensions of the shape. We will ensure that the corners are rounded off completely.

Heart Heart

Do you want to choose a loving shape? Then go for a heart shape! Select the size yourself via the ordering process, and we will saw it to size for you!

Polygon Polygon

A polygon is the mathematical term for a polygonal shape with at least 3 sides. If you are looking for a budget-friendly decoration for your wall or just looking for a unique shape: we saw it for you!

You can decide how many sides you want. From this shape you can make a pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon, nonagon and decagon. Everything is milled to the millimetre.

Star Star

Do you want to give someone a unique gift or are you looking for creative wall decoration? You can do anything with our star! In the configurator, you can specify the outer and inner diameter and the number of points. This way, you can quickly and easily configure a star for your next project. How convenient is that!

Drop Drop

Are you looking for wall decorations? Choose the drop shape! Have the drop milled to size by us. All you have to do is enter your desired dimensions in our handy configurator. We will deliver the desired drop shape to your home within a few working days. That is really convenient.

Quarter circle Quarter circle

Do you want a wall shelf in the corner of your wall? Then choose the quarter-round shape. Ideal for turning your empty corner into something creative. Determine the length yourself using the configurator. This way you will have a beautiful storage solution within a few clicks!

Gem Gem

Do you have a great idea for a gemstone shape made of wood? Choose the available dimensions of width and height via our ordering process. We have made it very easy for you! Who would you like to give this cool shape to?

Kite Kite

Everyone knows the kite shape! Are you looking for a diamond, kite or diamond shape? We will mill the shape to size for you! Choose one of our available wood types and easily specify the desired dimensions. The kite will be delivered within a few working days.

Arrow Arrow

A wooden arrow as decoration? Make it as artistic as you like. By determining the thickness, width and length yourself from the available sizes, you can quickly configure your desired arrow. Useful for your next party, to give direction to a route or to draw attention to a specific subject. Choose the desired wood type in our shop and start configuring immediately!

Barrel Barrel

Looking for a unique, symmetrical table shape? Go for a barrel table! The barrel is part of the oval family and has the advantage over an oval in that it has two extra flat sides. You can easily configure this shape by specifying the length and width. We will take care of the rounded sides.

Egg Egg

With an egg shape, you can create your desired contemporary table. This form is unique because of its symmetrical shape along the length, but unique curves in the width. Determine your own modern table with the available sizes that are indicated in the ordering process.