Thuiswinkel Waarborg

A solid wood board is a board made of wood through-and-through. A veneered board is a board material finished on the top (and bottom) side with a wooden veneer layer. A veneer top layer is a thin cut wood top layer glued or glued to a strong backing. Both panels have a beautiful look and bring warmth into your home! One of the best-known wood panels is oak; in addition, spruce is also a popular wood species.

If you are talking about veneered board material, then surely veneered MDF is one of the best-known types. Yet there are also other carriers available such as solid wood or plywood. In our range, you will find a wide selection of veneered board material. Think about:

  • Oak veneered
  • Pine veneered
  • Walnut veneered
  • Spruce veneered
  • and much more!

Order cut-to-size solid and veneered panels online

Buy cut-to-size solid wood panels or veneered panels easily online. We have different brands, designs and cutting styles available. We understand that the many options make it difficult to choose. Using our filters, you can easily find the look that suits your application. There is a suitable wood type or thickness for every job!

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