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A cut-to-size bookcase always fits! And is much less expensive than you think. Designing, building and finishing it is also very easy. So why go for a standard bookcase? Because a standard bookcase never fits perfectly. The dimensions are often just not quite right and the look and feel is also just not what you are looking for. This no longer needs to be the case; with our affordable custom-made bookcase range, you can create the perfect and fitting piece of furniture in no time.

Bespoke bookcase made to measure

Having a cut-to-size bookcase made to fit exactly has never been easier. The 3D bookcase configurator from makes it easy. You can easily configure your open bookcase or your bookcase with doors. Whether you are looking for a cut-to-size bookcase for the living room or a cut-to-size bookcase for the children's room, we can help you in all these areas. Take a look at the most beautiful cut-to-size bookcases below, you can have them made exactly to your required dimensions and order them directly online.  

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Your custom TOSIZE Furniture cabinet

How nice that you are planning to make your own cabinet! With our unique configurator, you can design your own professional cut to size cabinet in no time. We produce it in our own factory and you will receive your cut to size cabinet complete with installation package at home within a few weeks.

Cut-to-size bookcase in 3 easy steps