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As an entrepreneur, do you want to avoid having to pay VAT? We understand. Read how we can help you here!

To avoid having to pay VAT, enter your VAT number before completing your payment. This will be validated immediately so that the VAT amount can be deducted from your order. Is your VAT number not recognised? Read more below!

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That is unfortunate. We are happy to help you!

  1. Make sure you haven't made a typing error that causes our payment system to not recognise your VAT number.

  2. Is that not the case? Then something might be going wrong during validation. When our payment system does not recognise your VAT number, we unfortunately cannot realise delivery without VAT at that time.

Also try it in another browser. Still not working? Then please contact us via the contact form. Then we’ll look for a solution together!

Do you have a company in The Netherlands with a valid VAT number? Then it is an intra-community delivery because we deliver from the Netherlands to a foreign party entitled to VAT. This delivery is taxed at 0% VAT. To process this correctly, you can enter a valid VAT number in our checkout. The system will check if your VAT number is valid, if so, the system will automatically create a 0% VAT invoice.