A self-made cupboard made of pine wood panel for the children's room, by Joost

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2 minutes

Description by Joost

We were looking for a custom cupboard for a niche for the children's room. We also wanted to work with spotlights so that when we put things in the cupboard, such as books and photo frames, we could add atmosphere. Because of the strange dimensions, I decided to make the cabinet myself with custom-made shelves. We will use the cupboard to store clothes, but also books and photo frames. A beautiful atmosphere maker in the nursery.

How I made this project

We first measured the cupboard. Based on the dimensions, we decided on the number of shelves we wanted to see. We ordered custom shelves online. Because we wanted to give the shelves a color, they were painted. Before painting we first sanded them for a nice smooth finish. How did we hang shelves? We decided to work with slats against the side walls on which the shelves rest. We sawed these slats from the residual material that we received. Tip, paint it in the color of the wall. When everything was delivered and painted, we screwed slats to the walls and then placed the shelves on top. We then screwed spotlights under the planks. Tip, measure carefully! Making a beautiful cupboard yourself is a piece of cake with the right supplies ;)

Dimensions of my DIY project

The shelves vary in dimensions because the walls are not straight. Planks are 28 mm thick. Length varies but around 98.0 cm wide and 64.0 cm deep

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How next?

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