Amateur with professional TV cabinet, by Bas

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I had never made furniture before, let alone have tools for it. Ordering a custom furniture was 1500-2000 euros per meter. By making a drawing with the correct dimensions and easily ordering them on, it was a matter of screwing together. The thinking and finishing was also super fun! And I didn't have to saw anything. I placed this next to my fireplace and an oak top on it. Top!

Custom TV cabinet

Drawing and devising sizes 1 hour Order 15 min Pick up order 2 hours 1/2 day screwing 2 hours painting (2 x, end mdf 3 x) I spent 5 moments with a total of 8 hours of work. The furniture maker's offer was 4000 euros, but by ordering wood to measure, I spent 150 euros on wood and some nice work on it. Learned a lot and enjoyed having your own piece of furniture!

The dimensions of the project

200,0 (b) x 40,0 (h) x 65,0 (d)

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