Audio/TV cabinet custom made with MDF black, by Marcel

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Due to a change in the living room layout, a new/different audio TV unit had to be installed. Simple design, but where the TV is attached to the furniture itself, using the wall bracket and not to the wall. Everything on wheels for easy moving.

Customized TV furniture

Design made based on the desired size. Drawing worked out and the necessary plates (black MDF) visualized, filled in and ordered the order list at "". After arrival all (screw) holes were made and the sides were milled around. First the audio part assembled, the upright plate where the TV will hang on to be treated separately. When the plates start to degrease, sand and prime. Priming done 3 times and then applied 3 layers of topcoat with satin black. When the paint was dry, wheels mounted under the cabinet, the TV plate attached to the audio part, the LCD wall bracket mounted on the TV plate and everything placed in the cabinet. And ready and the fun can begin

The dimensions of the furniture

Width 125.0 cm Height audio section approx. 45.0 cm Height TV section approx. 120.0 cm

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