Beautiful princess/unicorn built-in wardrobe for the children's room, by Hans

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Transform your children's room with a unique built-in wardrobe

Imagine: a children's room that is not only functional, but also stimulates the imagination. That is exactly what Hans has achieved with this beautiful DIY project. A custom-made built-in wardrobe, painted in soft old pink, brings the princess/unicorn theme to life in the children's room.

From simple idea to enchanting end result

Hans, with the help of Have the wood cut to size so you can assemble this dream cupboard yourself. The built-in cupboard consists of several compartments of different sizes, providing space for books, toys and decorative items. The unique thing about this cupboard is Hans' personal touch, where he has precisely matched the detailing and aesthetics to the rest of the room.

A personal twist on children's room furniture

In the In his daughter's nursery, the cupboard fits perfectly between two walls, creating an integrated whole. The choice of the princess/unicorn theme, in combination with the old pink, gives the cupboard a fairytale atmosphere. The freedom to choose the sizes and materials himself made it possible for Hans to design this cupboard completely according to his wishes.

Advantages of DIY built-in cupboards

Making a built-in cupboard yourself has many advantages. It gives you the flexibility to fully customize the size and design to your child's needs and available space. You can also save considerably on costs, because you only pay for the materials and not for the labor. Moreover, it is a satisfying project that results in a piece of furniture with a personal touch.

A fairytale style

The style of the cabinet fits seamlessly with the rest of the children's room, where details such as plush animals and fairy-like decorations complete the theme. By building the cabinet himself, Hans was able to create a unique style that you will not find in the store.

The Choice for Primed MDF 38 mm

Hans chose primed MDF 38 mm as the wood type for this cabinet. MDF is a versatile material that is easy to work with and offers a sleek finish. Because it is already primed, painting the cabinet was a piece of cake. The thickness of 38 mm ensures a robust and sturdy construction, so the cabinet will last for years.

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