Bedroom Lotte: bookcase with cozy seating area, by Marlou

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We wanted to make a nice wardrobe wall in the bedroom for my daughter, which is also functional with plenty of storage space. She loves reading and books, so we certainly wanted to give her the opportunity to do so.

DIY: cupboard wall for a nursery

I first searched a lot on Pinterest which seemed fun and practical to me. We wanted enough storage space in combination with a cool girls' room. Then we started to calculate how many cabinets would fit next to each other on the wall. Of course, these never exactly match the dimensions of the cabinets, so we decided to make a bookcase next to it ourselves with the wood from We had the cabinets delivered for the wood so that the planks could be cut exactly to size. Once the cabinets were set up, we set to work with a tape measure and made a plan on how to match the wood to the cabinet. Ordering was simple. You could fill in everything exactly on the website, after which you immediately got to see the price to be paid. So nothing, no quotations, but to the point. We like that. The planks were delivered within a week and we could get started. The planks were sawn accurately to the millimeter, which ensured that we could realize our project within a day. We are very happy with the end result!

Seat and bookcase made to measure

B: 310,0 cm x H: 243,0 cm x D 56,0 cm

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