Bespoke Media Cabinet Birch Plywood, by Yorick

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Very easy

2 minutes


I built a cabinet for CDs, DVDs, and video games around a door. It was the first time that I made such a piece of furniture myself, instead of buying a ready-made kit from that one Swedish furniture farmer. I wanted to make optimal use of the space I have, instead of limiting myself to the dimensions of the furniture itself.

Custom made with birch plywood

Of course I measured everything first. The building has subsided somewhat, so there is, for example, a two centimeter difference in height between the left and right part of this cabinet. It is also slightly smaller on the right than on the left. Also nice: the left part had to be narrower at the top than at the bottom, otherwise it wouldn't fit between the wall and the door frame. Handy dude, those old houses ;) In preparation I also tested the wall it came up against. Then it turned out to be a plaster wall, so I had to get special plaster wall plugs for that. Before I ordered, I contacted to ask what the best thickness would be for the shelves, which turned out to be 18mm. Once I had everything in the house, I drilled holes every few centimeters in the vertical shelves, so that I can insert shelf supports (the shelves are also adjustable in height). Handicraft tip: luckily I have a nice neighbor with a lot of DIY experience and tools. I was allowed to borrow his workmate (a collapsible workbench) and square (you can draw very sharp lines with that). Without those two things it would have taken much longer I'm afraid. I spent a total of two afternoons with it. I am very happy with the result. Maybe we'll give it another color in the near future and rearrange it, but for now it's good.

The dimensions of the cabinet

It is 219.0cm wide, 216.0cm high and 20.0cm deep

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