Built-in wall cabinet made of MDF, by Luciano

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To make the most of the air outlet / cove that was prominent, as can be seen in photo 2 - and to make optimal use of a small space, which also offers some storage space - we chose to design a custom wall cupboard ourselves and then put together by TOSIZE.co.uk after receiving all MDF Custom-sawn parts.

Tailor-made wall cupboard

Step 1 - made a design on the phone. Step 2 - measurements of the entire wall. Step 3 - drawing the design to scale (scale 1:20) (it takes a bit of puzzling to make sure everything fits - so where the TV will be hung and where the workplace will be with extendable desk) Step 4 - all columns at the most practical way of selecting so that the elements can be load-bearing (first all horizontal bars selected and then the vertical ones) Step 5 - to create a not too heavy and massive object, draw it in the design by using thin Mdf plates based on a wooden beam creating a solid wooden beam of 10 cm. Step 6 - fully outline which parts need to be reinforced for a seamless / blind connection. Step 7 - after calculating everything completely to scale / size + drawn the Mdf ordered from TOSIZE.co.uk Step 8 - after receiving the cut-to-size Mdf: puzzle and hope that everything you have calculated is correct! And have a lot of patience if you think that your entire calculations are incorrect ... if you have calculated it really well in advance, you should be fine - due to the amount of loose Mdf images, the overview and logic may be lacking ... keep the courage in it! Because only calmness can save you ??

The dimensions of the project

The overall width of the cabinet is 479.0 cm The height (separate from the soffit) 257.0 cm Thickness per shelf 10.0 cm (made of 6mm thick MDF boards miter cut with a wooden beam in between to reinforce the overall custom-made shelves) Depth 30.0 cm

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