Children's room desk + bookshelves niche, by Annemieke

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Description by Annemieke

We wanted to create something special for our daughter's bedroom. The room is not super large and we didn't want to put the standard closet in a corner and not have room for anything else. That's why we thought of adding a small desk with bookshelves between the wall in the closet. We ordered the planks in mitres and assembled them at home ourselves as hollow wall planks with recesses for spotlights and cables to attach to the wall on a slatted construction.

How I made this project

  • Ordered 3 times a set of 3 mitred planks
  • Cutouts were sawn and drilled for cables and spotlights from IKEA
  • Assembled as a hollow wall shelf with construction glue and painter's tape
  • Painted
  • Wall panels attached to the wall with the cables behind them
  • Cabinet installed
  • Wiring connected in the cabinet

Dimensions of my DIY project

Width: 84.0cm
Depth: 58.0 cm and 30.0 cm
Height: 5 .8 cm

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