Corridor cabinet of Beech carpentry panel, by Nilse and Frank

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We miss a place in the hallway to store hats and mittens and possibly slippers. First we measure the space next to the heating and under the mirrors and then we determine the number of cells. That is the basis for a sketch and list of parts that we need. We have already made a bathroom cabinet once and used beech wood from OPMAATZAGEN.NL for the drawer fronts, which we find very successful.

Customized hall closet

The next step is to enter the parts on the site. That is simple, at the end we think the price is very high. I have a circular saw myself and choose to do the lengthwise cutting of the pieces myself (see sketch). We can order. We use the option to pick it up near Destil; saves fuel and delivery costs again! We can collect the wood within two weeks. Each plank has a sticker with the size and name that I have been able to fill in myself, so that I always know what I need for what and which parts I still have to cut it. We will get to work with the corner clamps that I inherited from my father. And here it appears, as also later in the process, that it is nice to be able to work with 4 hands. Once the skeleton is put together, we run into a problem. Our original plan was to have the doors fold down, but because the beech wood is 19 mm thick, you will hit the door underneath. Flaw in the design! Fortunately, we opted for piano hinges and these can also be used on the side. We only let the bottom two doors fold down, this gives a playful effect. Legs underneath and magnetic closures in and adjust to the correct strength. And then paint, at least 3 layers. The wood colors beautifully! The last step is the decision about the buttons. Not found anything that pleases us anywhere. I like to tear apart old appliances and there I still have square rings that color beautifully with the beech wood. Three on top of each other gives the right grip. Placed the cabinet and we are very satisfied.

The dimensions of the project.

97.6 cm high 65.7 cm wide 21.9 cm deep excluding legs and buttons

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