Create your own bookcase with IKEA hack, by Tessa

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3 minutes

Discover Tessa's IKEA Hack: a stylish bookcase

Do you also dream of a personalized living atmosphere that makes your interior unique? Then be inspired by Tessa's DIY project in which she created a beautiful bookcase with the help of, fully integrated with a functional door. This clever IKEA hack shows how to bring your own masterpiece to life.

The structure and unique design

We see Tessa's in the submitted photos project in various stages of realization. The basic structure seems inspired by a well-known IKEA model, cleverly adapted and expanded with a sleek cupboard conversion. The bookcase, which will be placed in the office, fits seamlessly with the height of the room, making the ceiling seem to become part of the design. By making clever use of the space next to the door, every centimeter is used optimally.

The neutral color of the bookcase provides a timeless look that suits different interior styles. The project is distinguished by the integration of the door, which is not only innovative, but also offers a space-saving solution. Some unique details, such as the carefully chosen shelf distances that offer diversity in storage space, make the project personal and functional.

The benefits of building it yourself

By realizing this project, Tessa has see that a personal touch and customization are accessible to every do-it-yourselfer. The biggest advantage lies in the unlimited flexibility in terms of dimensions and material choice. This way, the cupboard fits exactly into the available space and you can completely tailor the appearance to your own preferences and interior. Moreover, self-construction is a cost-efficient way to create a suitable and unique piece of furniture.

Style and finish of the bookcase

The end result is a sleek and modern bookcase that fits seamlessly with the contemporary Scandinavian style; simplicity, functionality and a light appearance are central to Tessa's design.

Advantages of MDF Blank 16 mm

The project uses MDF Blank in different thicknesses. MDF Blank 16mm is a versatile wood type that is easy to work with, making it ideal for custom projects like this. The smooth finish allows paintings and other finishes to be applied effortlessly, which contributes to the professional appearance of the bookcase.

Advantages of MDF Blank 18 mm

The larger panel parts were chosen for MDF Blank 18 mm. This type of wood offers more stiffness and durability, essential for the construction of larger parts and the stability of the entire cabinet frame. Just like the thinner variant, the surface is smooth and perfect for finishing with paint or veneer. In combination, the chosen types of wood provide a solid and aesthetically pleasing bookcase.

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