Custom black TV cabinet with space for speaker boxes, by Mert

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2 minutes

With the help of custom-sawn MDF black 18mm, Mart has custom-made his ideal TV cabinet. By first developing a design digitally in Sketchup, you get a good idea of ​​the end result, you know whether there is enough space for all devices, and you can easily create a cutting list with the correct dimensions. By making your own TV cabinet you can be sure that you have a unique piece of furniture. And it is often cheaper to make it yourself. 

Description by Mert

I was looking for a TV cabinet for my living room. Because I couldn't find something I liked and that was somewhat affordable, I decided to make it myself. 

How I made this project

I started with a Sketch up drawing. That was mainly to have an idea of ​​the end result. After a bit of experimenting and messing around in Sketch up I was able to make something fun. The cabinet had to be large enough for a center speaker, receiver, PS5 and a few other small devices. I made some adjustments here and there along the way. At first I wanted to hang the cupboard on the wall. But after it was finished I thought it was too heavy, so I got legs from the hardware store. I still had a lot of doubts about how I wanted to make the doors, so I decided to make a frame and stretch speaker cloth over it. This way, everything can be neatly out of sight in the cupboard. For the finishing touch I decided to wrap it. I was initially thinking about painting it, but in retrospect I didn't feel like it, so it was nice and easy to wrap.

Dimensions of my DIY project

240.0 x 30, 0 x 40.0 (w x h x d)

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How next?

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€ 294,72

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