Custom built-in bookcase, by Ilse

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A floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall bookcase in an office. Nice play by means of compartments and built around a fireplace. Equipped with handy storage drawers.

Wall-to-wall bookcase with playful compartments

We started searching for a lot of Pinterest images until the concept was clear. Made a working drawing and then ordered the correct sizes via Plates were delivered quickly to your home, which were put in the shed with the delivery service, what a service! Planks grounded and assembled inside. Lifting the 2 cupboard parts upright still took a lot of work. With 3 men we tilted the heavy cupboard and pushed it into place. With 1 cm clearance under the ceiling, this was eventually achieved very carefully. The cabinet was then jacked up, after which we painted it.

The dimensions of the cabinet

485,0 x 320,0 cm

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