Custom chests of drawers made of natural plywood, by Joris

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2 minutes

In this DIY project, Joris refurbished existing cabinets with custom plywood interior. He has also created a tailor-made home workplace. The natural appearance of the plywood interior gives you a beautiful result immediately.

Description by Joris

I renovated a number of old chests of drawers and made a conversion around them. Two tall cabinets now serve as the corner support of a newly created home workplace and five smaller ones have been combined into a new mobile piece of furniture

How I made this project

For the workplace I first measured the height of the worktop to be installed and then the width and depth of the cabinets. This gave me the dimensions of the side and rear parts to be ordered and of the top, bottom and intermediate parts. Because the cabinets were lower than the worktop height, there was room to create an extra open compartment. For the cupboard in the living room, I first measured how much space I had in terms of height and width on the side of the sofa and then made an arrangement of the available small drawer units and then determined the dimensions of the frame and the back plate. Before I could proceed with assembly, all of the chests of drawers and blocks had to be thoroughly sanded bare because most of them had been painted in one color or another. For all three cabinets, the casing is screwed to it from the inside so that no screws are visible. Finally, everything was varnished 3 times with ultra matte Trae Lyx project furniture lacquer.

Dimensions of my DIY project


Cabinet on the left 36.5 x 69 x 26 (w x h x d)

Cabinet right 31.5 x 69 x 37 (w x h x d)

Living room: -88 x 60 x 28.5 (w x h x d)

Dimensions are in cm.

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How next?

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€ 205,25

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