Custom industrial open oak cabinet, by Jasper

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An open oak cabinet that fits nicely in a niche in my new house. The oak is dark lacquered and runs upwards like a snake. In between I have placed black painted "windows" of cheap spruce with good black paint which makes the cabinet look like it is half metal half wood. Inspiration came from pinterest, so it's not 100% original ;).

Oak cabinet for in a niche

First I measured the niche for the necessary dimensions of the cabinet. Then I made a 3D drawing using the free software "onshape". (Don't worry, this isn't really necessary, but it's nice to try). Then I simply ordered 7 planks of 35.0 cm by 1 meter and 6 planks of 35.0 cm by 30.0 cm. (I seem to remember with a thickness of 2.6 cm). I then bought a set of spruce beams of 4.0 cm thick and 2.5 cm wide at a local hardware store which I cut to size myself (could also use this website but they did not have my desired thickness, otherwise I would certainly have done that because saw these men/women better than I could ever manage in my little shed). Then everything was neatly sanded and finished and everything varnished and painted (sometimes seriously time-consuming job). Then I inextricably connected all interfaces between all parts by drilling holes on both sides and working with 1000+ dowels and a tube of wood glue ;). I had to pay attention and drill exactly that was needed for this (I made a drill plate so that I always drilled the same pattern on both sides). And then I had a closet. Relatively simple, 10x cheaper than buying through a furniture store and 100x more beautiful of course!

The outer dimensions of the project

2 meters high, 35.0 cm deep and 1 meter wide.

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