Custom-made shelving unit for a niche, by Tahnee

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Description of Tahnee

We recently moved to our DIY home. Now that the major jobs are over, it was time for the furnishings. We have a niche that fits a nice cupboard, so we had it custom made at I was looking for something that would fit the TV and something that could add atmosphere to the seating area. The cupboard has both compartments and cupboards. We ordered it in MDF and painted it in the color of the wall (urban taupe Flexa), so that it would become a beautiful whole.

How I made this project

We First assembled the cabinet according to the manual, which was easy. You really need 2 people for this due to the height, actions and weight of the cabinet. It still needed to be painted, and there needed to be a hole behind the TV for the cord. So it was only put into place after it was put together. 

Dimensions of my DIY project

The cabinet is 250.0 cm high and 180.0 cm wide. So it fits perfectly in the niche in our living room.

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