Custom playhouse made of MDF, by Daisy

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2 minutes

How fun is it to make a playhouse for your children with shelves so they can display their toys? Daisy came across this nice playhouse on, so she decided to order this for her children too. The playhouse is made of MDF rounded sheet material, which we sawed for her. That's really handy!

Description of Daisy

A super cute playhouse found via the site  found. I couldn't resist ordering this house myself. Fits perfectly in a corner of our living room.

How I made this project

A playhouse with a desk, shelf to display toys. The house is made with 18 mm primed MDF. The custom panels are easy to put together. We started by attaching the side and back panels. We then screwed the desk between the side panels at a height of 45.0 cm. The size can be determined according to your own wishes. Finally, we attached the roof panels together and mounted them on the base. Because one panel is longer than the other, you can screw them together at a 90 degree angle. The ends are mitered so that they can be screwed onto the side panels (there is a small corner sticking out). You can attach the screws straight to the side panels. You can seal the holes, but we painted over them.

Dimensions of my DIY project

100.0 cm wide, 130.0 cm high, 40.0 cm deep

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How next?

Want to make this DIY project? Check out Daisy's saw list and complete your order easily.

€ 195,23

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