Custom TV cabinet with homemade oak inserts, by Susanne

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In this DIY project, Susanne shows that you can make custom cabinets entirely according to your wishes by adjusting and expanding them yourself. The end result is super creative, with an MDF base that can be painted in any color. The oak makes it very warm and the self-installed lighting completes this beautiful custom TV cabinet! Read below how Susanne tackled this.

Description of Susanne

This TV cabinet has a wide, deep base and a shallower top section with open and lockable compartments. A matte white finish was chosen. Three spacious drawers have been made in the left part of the base. The right part can be closed with two high doors. A solid oak top has been inlaid under the TV in the base. The peripheral equipment for the TV is stored behind the two doors under the TV. The open compartments have an oak insert. The open compartments are equipped with an LED spotlight, which highlights the warm oak wood. The various photos and memorabilia on display are also beautifully highlighted.

How I made this project

It was already clear during the design brief that the top part had to be less deep than the base. We designed two 50 cm deep cabinets for the base (92 cm wide), between which an extra floor and back shelf were installed (134 cm wide). The oak leaf, 40 mm solid, will later be placed on this. A third cupboard has been designed for the upper part, 322 cm wide, 35 cm deep. We left out the floorboards of this cupboard, and the top part was placed on the base. After the paint job, the three drawers on the left were made and the cupboard doors were hung. A wooden frame was made in the middle part on which the TV was later hung. The insert cabinets are made of 18 mm solid oak. A thin slot has been milled at the top to conceal the lighting cable. Finally, the oak plank was installed and the TV was hung. The drawers and cabinet doors could not be prepared in the carpentry factory. We custom-made, marked and milled them ourselves. The oak inset cabinets are also custom-made and installed by us. This job does require some experience with woodworking.

Dimensions of my DIY project

Width: 322.0 cm
Height: 260.0 cm
Depth: 50.0 cm (base), 35.0 cm (top)

How next?

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