Decorative cupboard with coffee niche, by Interieurstudio Airé

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Bo & Jella

Bo & Jella



2 minutes

Description of Bo and Jella came with a new concept where you can design a cabinet with MDF material. Now we could use a cupboard in our studio that we could use both decoratively and functionally, as a coffee niche. This is also a request we often receive from our customers, so we immediately started creating a design.

How I created this project

Our design was was put into development by and after a while the time had come, our new addition was delivered! The cabinet was delivered compactly and was neatly packed. The shelves are all numbered. This way you can see in which order the cabinet should be built, very useful! The planks all already have dowels and there are also holes on the other sides to make it fit. This system made it easy and quick to assemble the cabinet. The cabinet is firmly mounted with the help of the supplied wood glue. Because we wanted to paint the cabinet, we built the cabinet on a plastic sheet. After assembling it was time to paint the cabinet. We opted for a finish with wood lacquer from LAB Paint in the same color as our walls. In this way, the cupboard forms a beautiful whole with the space and the contents of the cupboard receive more attention. With MDF it is advisable to first paint with a good primer. MDF absorbs a lot of paint and it is a shame if this happens directly with the wood varnish. LAB Paint sells primer in the same color as the wood varnish. This also makes the wood lacquer immediately opaque, ideal. To give the coffee niche a more luxurious look, we decided to provide it with a marble look. sells sturdy plastic plates in various marble finishes that we have used for this. This marble-look slab was supplied in the correct dimensions with the construction kit by We only had to slide this into the cupboard and attach it with sealant. In addition to the functional advantages of the cabinet, it also looks very nice in the room. We have decorated the closet with some beautiful accessories. We are very happy with the coffee niche as an addition to our studio!

Dimensions of my DIY project

219.0 × 78.0 × 40.0 cm

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