DIY: Kitchen Island and Cookbook Shelf, by Janet

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A storage and work/eat place. My kitchen lacked work space. For this I have made a combination of a bookcase with a storage cabinet and workplace. Since I would like to have my worktop higher, a nice solution was sought for a worktop that was cut to size that could be combined with standard kitchen cabinets and legs.

Kitchen top made of plywood birch

Two kitchen cabinets 80.0cm x 37.0cm back to back. Eight legs attached to the bottom of the cabinets to achieve the correct height. Berken Multiplex plaat to size with the right sizes and curves and have it delivered to your home. Place the plate on the cupboard and center it on the cupboards, then fix it invisibly with wood inscriptions of the cupboards on the bottom. Plywood plate. Plywood lightly sanded to smooth clean from streaks. Then lacquered 5 times with a matt parquet adhesive for a wear-resistant surface.

Kitchen worktop made to measure

100.0 cm x 140.0 cm 27 mm thick birch Plywood round corners radius 20mm round

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