DIY Simple side table with plexiglass insert – A project by Ingo

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Very easy

2 minutes

The path to your own speaker stand

Welcome to the realm of DIY projects, where creativity and craftsmanship come together to create unique pieces of furniture. In this article, we present Ingo's project: a simple yet elegant side table that also serves as a speaker stand. Discover the beauty of beech glued wood combined with a modern plexiglass insert.

Step by step to an individual piece of furniture

Ingo chose glued beech wood panels, a material that brings warmth and a natural look to any room. The wood was precisely cut to size by so that each component fits together perfectly.

The design: functionality meets aesthetics

The self-made side table impresses with its simple design and unique details. The wooden elements are in a warm color that contrasts with the crystal-clear plexiglass. This plexiglass insert is not only a visual highlight, but also offers a practical storage space for Ingo's speaker system.

DIY advantages: Create a tailor-made ambience

Doing such a project yourself offers many advantages. Firstly, the flexibility in the dimensions means that the table is tailored exactly to the needs of the room and the available space. Secondly, you have the freedom to choose materials according to your personal taste. Ingo chose beech glued wood for his project, which harmonizes perfectly with his furnishings.

A touch of naturalness in the living room

This DIY piece of furniture fits particularly well in Ingo's living room, where the beech wood creates a warm and natural atmosphere. The side table fits seamlessly into the existing furniture and offers a stylish platform for both decorative elements and technical equipment.

Style and function - the perfect combination

When realizing the project, Ingo opted for a modern and minimalist line, which is reflected in the clear design language of the side table. The harmonious mix of functionality and design makes the piece of furniture a real eye-catcher.

The advantages of the wood used: Glued beech wood

Glued beech wood is characterized by its stability and durability. The surface of beech is hard and durable, which makes it ideal for everyday objects. It also has an even grain, which is particularly noticeable after appropriate processing and care. With a 19 mm thick glued wood panel made of beech A/B, Ingo has created the basis for a DIY project that is not only visually appealing, but also convincing in terms of quality.

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How next?

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