DIY Smastad Inspiration: make a unique children's desk, by Dennis

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Very easy

2 minutes

Create a personal children's workplace

Are you looking for inspiration for a unique workplace for your child? Discover how Dennis created a beautiful desk setup with the versatile Smastad module from Ikea using }}. This source of inspiration shows that a personal touch and customization go perfectly together with the functionality of Ikea furniture.

The structure of the desk

The desk that Dennis designed consists of a long worktop, made of 28 mm thick pine wood panel, supported by several Smastad basic elements. The natural color of the wood and the visible wood grains give the desk a rustic and warm appearance. The solid panel is custom made by, which ensures a perfect fit and a professional finish.

Unique design features

What makes this desk special makes, are the personal details that Dennis has added. The choice of robust pine planks instead of standard worktops creates a unique look. In addition, the length of the desk offers enough space for all of a child's creative projects and study materials.

A harmonious addition to the children's room

The desk is placed in a bright and modernly furnished children's room . The neutral color palette of the room makes the natural wood of the desk stand out particularly well. It serves not only as a workplace, but also as a connecting element in the room.

The advantages of making your own desk

The biggest advantage of this DIY project is its flexibility. You have the freedom to fully adjust the dimensions to the available space and needs of your child. In addition, you have control over the budget and the choice of materials, resulting in a tailor-made piece of furniture that perfectly meets your wishes.

The timeless style of spruce wood

This desk project radiates a timeless and natural style. The choice of spruce wood gives the desk a classic, but at the same time modern look that will remain beautiful both now and in the future.

The charm of spruce carpentry panel

Spruce carpentry panel is an excellent choice for DIY projects like this desk. It is a durable, sturdy material that is easy to work with. The wood has a beautiful, soft color that brings warmth to any room. In addition, it is a budget-friendly option that does not hinder creativity.

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