Drawer system Toyota Land Cruiser, Birch plywood, by Maarten

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A perfectly fitting drawer system to store all our camping gear. It actually provides an extra floor in the trunk, making it much easier to organize your stuff. Exactly tailor-made via TOSIZE.com. Fun to put together. Finished with lacquer and rubber.

Drawer system for camping gear

- First made a sketch - Looked for heavy drawer guides that can hold about 200 kilos - Final design drawn - All necessary planks ordered, chosen for 12mm birch plywood - Marking - Milling slots for the locking system - Locking system made of threaded rod, garden hose and epoxy plate - Mark screw holes - Drill countersunk screw holes - Glue + Screws - Finish with a jigsaw (remove excess material) - Primer + lacquer - Assemble, drawer guides fixed with Allen - Place in camper and fix to welded steel rail

Customized drawer system

100.0 cm by 140.0 cm

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