Extra worktop for the kitchen made of oak

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2 minutes

What have you made?

An extra worktop in the kitchen that serves as a 'coffee corner'. So it will be the place for the Nespresso with all accessories. The top had to meet a number of requirements: rounded corners and edges; hanging reasonably invisible and resistant to knocks.

How did you make the worksheet?

First sand with sandpaper 180 to get it neatly smooth. Then apply the first layer of clear, matt Glitsa parquet lacquer for intensive use with a lacquer roller. The great thing about this lacquer is that you only see it when it has just been applied. Then it shines. But when it has dried, it is as if the wood is unprocessed. Sand lightly between the layers with a fine sandpaper (320). I applied 3 coats in total. That seems to me to be sufficient, given that the parquet varnish is for intensive use, it can withstand a little shuffling of a coffee cup and some spilled water. I got the supports from the Metaalwinkel (Rotterdam). They have aluminum supports that can withstand very heavy loads and are relatively slim, so without a cross connection. White paint over it and they hardly stand out. And they are even cheaper than comparable supports from the hardware store.

What are the measurements?

The dimensions are 110.0 cm wide, 40.0 cm deep. The shelf itself is 26mm thick.

How next?

This is a project for inspiration. Because our assortment has changed, (some of) the products are no longer available.

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