Fireplace furniture with compartments from Vuren carpentry panel, by Pieter

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Using cut-to-size Vuren timmerpanelen we made a fireplace furniture with compartments on both sides of our fireplace. Under the television a place for the firewood, on the other side at the moment decoration. In the future there may be a relaxing place for our daughters.

Custom-made fireplace furniture

We measured the spaces to the left and right of the fireplace as precisely as possible. First we had the wood cut to size by Then we painted the planks white. We attached the uprights to the horizontal, top shelf with dowels and wood glue. In addition, we used mounting kit to attach the whole more firmly to each other. Afterwards, the small remaining cracks must be sealed with acrylic sealant, so that the whole is nicely finished.

The dimensions of the furniture

To the right of the fireplace (earlier project) 45.0 cm deep, 36.0 cm high and 144.0 cm wide. Left (most recent project) 45.0 cm deep, 36.0 cm high and 192.0 cm wide.

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