Homemade cabinet for the living room with lots of storage space, by Gerwin

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A cupboard in the living room that also serves as a partial separation from the dining area and living room. At the same time, a space was created where the children can play nicely and have even more of their own place in the room, with the advantage that the high part of the cabinet provides a lot of storage space.

Work description: how did you realize your project

We have chosen to realize the project by a family member. He has used his knowledge and experience to realize this beautiful cabinet. And in doing so, he gave us the correct instructions regarding the finish, especially the painting. We also asked an electrician to properly install and connect the spots. We also selected paint at a specialty store to complete the project.

Final size: What are the outer dimensions?

High cabinet: 80.0 × 100.0 × 230.0 cm Low cabinet: 320.0 × 50.0 × 40.0 cm

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How next?

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