Homemade concrete kitchen worktop

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2 minutes


With the help of the melamine sheet material and MDF sheet material from TOSIZE.co.uk I made a white concrete kitchen worktop with poured sink. I used the wood for the concrete formwork.

How did you proceed?

Formwork and mold
After installing the kitchen cabinets, I immediately measured the project to see if the formwork could be made without or with a template. This was not the case and I was therefore able to make the formwork directly on the cabinets.

For the formwork I opted for 16mm thick melamine sheet material. For the edge formwork I ordered the minimum width of 40mm. I was able to screw this into the head of the sheet material, so that the thickness of the kitchen worktop was 24mm. For the mold I used 16mm MDF sheet material. After gluing all the parts together, I shaped the edges with an edge router. Finally I finished the mold with three layers of epoxy.

Preparing and pouring concrete
After measuring the necessary recesses, drain basket and position of the sink, I prepared the formwork with the necessary sealant, hot glue and demoulding wax. Then I could pour the concrete with confidence.

The concrete
After pouring I let the blade harden for 36 hours. Then the work was ground and sanded and finished with a number of layers of 2-component polyurethane for intensive kitchen use.

What are the measurements?

Long top with hob and sink is 3200 x 600mm. Short blade is 950 x 600mm.

How next?

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