Homemade hi-fi audio and TV furniture from MDF, by Ad

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Description of Ad

A sturdy hi-fi audio TV cabinet made of 22 mm MDF that fits the self-made speaker boxes. The furniture has the same width as the television (see also the photo of the old situation). Furniture had to be strong enough to support the TV and amplifier (17 kg) without vibration. The amplifier must also be able to dissipate its heat, which is why there is 14 cm of space above the amplifier. Finally, we wanted the TV as low as possible (many people hang their TV way too high, which is optically beautiful but not pleasant to watch for long periods).

How I made this project

First determine the depth (45 cm), width (approx. 148 cm) and height (approx. 56 cm) of the furniture. Decided to make the top top 55 cm deep so that the TV can be placed as far as possible against the wall, leaving 10 cm space for the cabling. MDF thickness 22 mm. Detail drawing made with exact dimensions and devised by duplicating the uprights so that the screws can be concealed and hardly any plastering is required. Check carefully whether all dimensions of the planks are correct. Ordered MDF, with fast delivery by TOSIZE.ie. See photos of how the furniture is glued together. During construction it was decided to only make the top plate, otherwise the furniture would be very heavy. Chose very good quality acrylic paint (brand starts and ends with an S). Before priming furniture, degrease it with thinner. Prime once and fill a few spots of paint, sand and paint with black matt gloss paint. Sand lightly again (180 or 240) and paint. Don't skimp on paint or paint roller.

Dimensions of my DIY project

Width 146.4 cm
Depth 45 cm, top 55 cm deep
Height 51 .6 cm.

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