Homemade MDF built-in wardrobe, by Willia

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In a utility room, a built-in cupboard on 18 mm thick MDF with blind mounted shelves on 27x27 wooden beams attached to the wall.

Work description: how did you realize your project

First glue the planks that were perfectly mitered, then paint. I placed a 27x27 slat between the planks for extra strength and in this way created a hollow plank. Gluing on the lacquer carrier film does not appear to be strong enough with wood glue, so additional screws have been placed. Mount 27x27 on the wall and slide planks over it. Above the freezer 2x a ventilation grid so that the freezer can lose its heat. Be careful with the mitred planks. Razor sharp! Many a tea towel colored red because of this. Tip: use gloves when accepting and assembling mitred panels!

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