Homemade MDF cupboard wall for your living room. Chase made it!

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3 minutes

Make a wall cabinet from MDF? Be inspired by Chase. He made this impressive cabinet from MDF himself using TOSIZE.ie.

Description of Chase

Completing a job successfully is quite an achievement and something to be proud of to be. TOSIZE.ie is impressed by the beautiful jobs that are carried out and we are happy to give the handy makers a place on our website. Maybe you will be inspired by it! This time we show Chase's job. Are you reading along?

Whether it is a chair, a wall cabinet or a coffee table; Chase grabs every job with both hands. Because it is as he says: 'Every job takes you a step forward!'

Head and hands

In daily life I am a project leader at an innovative construction company ( a href="http://www.thinkwonen.nl">www.thinkwonen.nl). I have had a passion for building since an early age. At a young age, I was already doing odd jobs in the garage behind my parental home. I also enjoyed taking things apart to figure out how they work. This interest in construction (and technology) was ultimately expressed through study and interest in the construction sector. But besides the fact that I like to work with my head, I also like to work with my hands. I love to help friends renovate or build something, preferably with my favorite material: wood. In the future I would like to gain more knowledge of steel processing, so that, for example, I can make the dining table you see in the photo all by myself (I currently have the leg built by an acquaintance).

Functional design

For me, a design usually arises from a necessity and sometimes from an interest in trying something out. I prefer to work with the latest techniques because they simply work the most precisely. The apartment we recently moved into forced me to create something along the long wall of the room due to the layout of the room. It is also a solution for the lack of general storage space for books, stereo and administration. I spent many hours on the design and this is the result: a medium-high section and a low section.

The low section invites you to sit on it, making it part of the living room. The medium-high part is a bit more functional for storing things (hence also the doors). It also provides balance towards the other side of the room, namely the kitchen. But the cupboard should not be too large, which would lose the spaciousness of the room.

Own style and knowledge

The style of our furnishings is Scandinavian; modern / sleek furniture in combination with soft or natural accents, such as wood. This is also my favorite material par excellence! I haven't yet found a specific type of wood that I prefer to work with, but so far I have mainly worked with OSB and MDF. The dining table is the first project with a piece of solid wood. By doing and practicing I learn something new during every job and I apply this in the next project. I also collect knowledge from friends and sometimes YouTube. The most difficult thing for me during a job is to remain precise. TOSIZE.ie offers a solution when it comes to precision. I googled for wood suppliers who supply custom wood, because I don't have any tools to cut very precisely. This is one of the most important steps in the process. If things go wrong here, a cabinet, especially of this length, can turn out very wrong.

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How next?

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