Homemade spice rack in a vertical garden, by Roel

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A vertical garden for outdoors, with flowers and herbs. Six containers to put the plants in. Including (semi) automatic irrigation system. The bottom container functions as a water container with a pump in it due to the lack of a fixed water tap.

Make flowers and spice rack yourself with concrete plex

Ordered Douglas fir planks from another supplier and sawn them to size myself. The beams are well measured and screwed at 45 degrees! (handy to do with two people) The back wall is made of betonplex ; I had this flat material cut to size. The edges are finished with a rubber seal. Then screw the rear wall onto the uprights. Root cloth and an irrigation system from Gardena (mircodrip system) in the containers. The water bowl is finished on the inside with pond liner and can be opened via a lid. The whole is screwed to the shed via the concrete plywood (4mm). Douglas is finished with HK Glaze for protection and against greying.

A custom spice rack

200.0 cm high, 170.0 cm wide, 20.0 cm deep.

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