Homemade TV cabinet from recycled kitchen cabinets and MDF Black, by Yvette

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Recycling kitchen cabinets

TV cabinet made from recycled kitchen cabinets, a kitchen drawer (from the same kitchen) and new black MDF plates. All this is supported by 4 black metal legs and three gray metal support legs to prevent bending.

Assembly of a TV cabinet

I cut the old kitchen cabinets and the kitchen drawer smaller, to fit them into the design and to make the proportions more natural. Moreover, it saved weight. Then have the MDF boards cut to size. I painted the MFD plates with blank varnish. Then I pre-drilled the holes and screwed everything together. Then mounted the ordered furniture legs. I drilled holes in the MDF back plate to hide the wires and then placed the back plate with staples. The black MDF top plate is painted with black lacquer paint. Taadaa!

Size of the furniture

220,0x43,0x63,0 cm

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How next?

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