Homemade windowsills and cinewall, by W-L

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Very easy

2 minutes

In this DIY project you will see how you can make a windowsill yourself! Spruce carpentry panel was chosen, which has been stained and varnished to achieve the desired color. By doing this you will still see the grain and flames of the pine wood. By extending the panel into the cinewall, a beautiful whole is created. Read below how this project was tackled!

Description of W-L

I used the ordered pine planks for my corner windowsill and cinewall. The corner windowsill had to be deep enough to sit on. Therefore, a tailor-made solution had to be found. I ordered all the pine wood in the correct size as best as possible. Once inside, I sawed it down and then painted it twice in the correct color. Then 4 more layers of clear varnish for extra protection and shine. To make the windowsill continue nicely, I also placed a shelf on our cinewall with the same layers of lacquer. Finally everything was sealed with acrylic to connect it tightly to the window frame

How I made this project

After the wall was filled with blocks to create the cinewall and the deeper windowsill. After that everything was plastered. Then fill in any imperfections with wall filler. Then everything was measured and ordered. Once it arrived, I checked whether it fit and sawn it where necessary. Lightly sanded and then given 2 coats of color varnish. Impact and scratch-free paint. Now finally installed and then 4 more layers of clear varnish for a nice strong finish. Seal and then you're done.

Dimensions of my DIY project

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How next?

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