Ikea hemnes chest of drawers transformation with larger top, by Niels

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3 minutes

Ikea Hemnes chest of drawers: an inspiring DIY renovation

Are you looking for a practical and stylish change for the nursery? Then take a look at this inspirational project by Niels, who, with some creative insight and craftsmanship, has transformed his Ikea Hemnes chest of drawers into a piece of furniture with an enlarged top. This DIY project proves how you can achieve a functional and beautiful change in your home with a little wood from TOSIZE.ie and a good vision.

From standard to unique with a larger leaf

This project starts with a standard Ikea Hemnes chest of drawers, a well-known model that can be found in many homes. Niels has enlarged the top of this chest of drawers, creating more space to place things. The 18 mm spruce carpentry panels used are sawn to size by TOSIZE.ie, which guarantees a precise fit.

Detailed finish and unique features

The chest of drawers is finished in detail. The choice of elegant, gold knobs on the drawers also contributes to the unique appearance of the furniture. Thanks to its well-thought-out design, this changing table fits perfectly in a modern baby room.

The versatility of self-build projects

The flexibility of a self-build project like this is a great advantage. Niels had the freedom to choose both the dimensions and the material himself. This not only ensured a perfect fit in the baby's room, but also a cost-saving result. By building it yourself, you can save a lot on the costs that you would normally spend when purchasing a custom-made piece of furniture.

A perfect addition to the baby room

The renovated Hemnes Changing table looks beautiful in the baby room. The combination of functionality and stylish appearance provides a soothing and practical touch. The enlarged top provides extra space for all the necessities when changing and dressing a baby, making this changing table a must-have in every nursery.

A style that speaks: the charm of a DIY project

Once the project is complete, the warm and inviting style of the dresser is immediately noticeable. The combination of the natural wood and the sleek white lines contributes to a timeless Scandinavian style that fits in many contemporary furnishings.

The advantages of Spruce Timmerpanel

The choice of Spruce Timmerpanel from 18 mm for this project was not just because of the color and appearance. Spruce wood is known for its strength and is at the same time easy to work with. This makes it an ideal type of wood for custom work and DIY projects like this.

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How next?

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