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For a while I had my eye on an Italian design cabinet. But I thought the price (€ 1800, -) was a bit too much. This summer I took the plunge and imitated it. I am quite handy, but not an above average handyman, so it was quite exciting and educational! After an evening of heavy calculations, I ordered 9 mm MDF cut to size for less than € 150. I bought a router, learned about milling depths and wood joints and expanded my tooling arsenal a little further. I now also know what angle clamps are. The whole job took me a lot of summer evenings, but in the end it was easier than I thought. That the dimensions of the wood were exactly right, of course, helped! The original € 1800, - cabinet is made of 6mm MDF and has a slightly tighter finish. But I am proud of mine! I have now got the hang of it and am going to start on a second cabinet.

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