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We made a conversion for our office cinema with the light poplar plywood sawn by We have a studio for photography and video and we can present our work via the screen. But the screen is just not that nice because of its size, place and the striking white. That's why we wanted to hide it with a surround in the same color as the wall. Because the total width is 4 meters, we first screwed the casing together in two separate parts and connected them again with long beams. We have countersunk, filled and sanded all screw holes so that you no longer see them. We placed the surround on a series of wall brackets and screwed it in blind from below. Finally, we applied the paint ( Pure & Original Marrakech Walls, Dried Clay ) so that it became one with the wall. The screen is now only visible when we start showing something and we are very happy with it.

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