Large DIY desk on wooden legs, by Ildo

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Ildo shows his project to make a spacious DIY desk with sturdy wooden legs. The desk not only provides ample work space, but also adds a stylish and functional touch to his office decor.

Description by Ildo

I made a desk with the pine shelf that I you bought. The legs came from somewhere else. I had a lot of fun doing this project, despite the extreme cold.

How I made this project

The plank arrived nicely finished and sanded, so I applied some mineral spirits lubricated the board to protect it, after 2 days of drying I applied 2 coats of Rambo water-based wood stain (more of a water-based varnish). After another 2 days I applied a layer of Walrus wood oil, mounted the legs and you were done. I'm happy now, and we can go on holiday and come back with our new desk and ready to start the year.

Dimensions of my DIY project

135 cm long 65 cm deep 75 cm high.

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How next?

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