Making a shelving unit from sawn sheet material, by Wim

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Very easy

2 minutes

In this DIY project, Wim shows how he made a shelving unit with ordered sawn sheet material. In this way he has nicely concealed his television. He ordered custom MDF for this project. Read more about his experience below.

Description by Wim

Due to annoyance with the large black area of ​​our TV, I decided to hide the TV. I drew a compartment cabinet, made of MDF 38 mm, with two sliding doors. width approximately 210.0 cm, height 180.0 cm and depth 15.0 cm. The cupboard is placed on an existing dresser. The back wall of the cupboard is covered with designer wallpaper and a matching neutral wallpaper in the same color scheme. The sliding doors are made of aluminum sheet and also wallpapered. Matching handles from Ikea. Dimmable LED lighting has been installed in two compartments behind a removable panel.

How I made this project

The whole thing is screwed together, the visible screws are concealed with filler, primed twice , the visible sawn edges 4x for absorbent effect and then varnished twice, rear walls first wallpapered and then attached. The aluminum sliding doors slide into slots that I made in the bottom and shelf with a hand-held circular saw. For me, as an 84 year old, this is the last major job I did, it was quite a challenge

Dimensions of my DIY project

210.0 cm x 180.0 cm x 15.0 cm  standing on a 60.0 cm high cabinet

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How next?

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