MDF drawer unit, by Philippe

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2 minutes

In this project, Philippe shows how he created his own uniquely designed chest of drawers. He got to work using sawn MDF sheets ordered online. The results are impressive!

Description of the Philippe

I made a drawer unit with a body in black V313 MDF, 22 mm thick. 
It has 4 drawers of different sizes. I tiled the top to avoid damaging the material by placing certain objects on it.

How I carried out this project

I ordered the MDH plates from the company Tosize pre-cut, which made assembly easier and improved the finish (perfect and clean cuts) and can be left as is, without painting or coating. I had planned for a thinner bottom plate (9 mm thick) which I 'included'. in the side panels by making a recess with a router, which allows a perfect appearance and gives rigidity to the whole. Then I made the drawers in chipboard. I put in place slides for 'push to open' drawers; which do not require a handle on the drawers to open them which I fixed inside the MDF panels. I fixed casters under the cabinet and laid tiles on top

Dimensions of my DIY project

This piece of furniture has the following dimensions:
- height 81.0 cm (casters included)
- width 40.0 cm
- depth 51.5 cm

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How next?

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