Modern TV sideboard made of MDF blank, by Koen

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18mm TV Sideboard MDF blank with 30mm top mdf blank . Inside with 3 shelves and concealed hinges for the doors. Painted in satin black.

Customized DIY TV furniture

The TV sideboard was drawn in 3d via SketchUp to get a good idea of the required panels. Based on this 3d model, the sizes have been calculated, from which the saw list on is made. For mounting I used wood glue, Rotadrill MDF screws. Screw holes are pre-drilled and countersinked with a countersink. After mounting, the screw holes are filled with MDF filler. The ends of the cabinet are provided with a smooth layer of lacquer putty. The cabinet has been sanded in its entirety with a small grain of sandpaper. The cabinet has been primed with a black primer (mixed) and coated with black satin lacquer.

The dimensions of the TV cabinet

Height: 65.0 cm Width: 150.0 cm Depth 45.0 cm

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